Conditions that apply to registered members & willing members. By signing up for membership, you have considered and defined the rules that apply to our games:

  1. You have at least 18 years to create an account.
  2. Each member is required to maintain an account of their privacy.
  3. The data provided at the time of registering is TRUE and ORIGINAL.
  4. The minimum setting / balance of your account balance is Rp 10.000, -
  5. Minimum withdraw / The balance of your account balance is Rp 50.000, -
  6. To end the funds (withdraw) can be done every day as long as the website is not in maintenance and the bank is not offline.
  7. When the Bank is in maintenance or offline, we do not accept deposits (without any exceptions).
  8. Deposit and Withdrawal can only be used to the registered account.